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Message for the New Year 2023


In the New Year, let’s aim to be highly skilled professionals in our field (ADEPTS)

Adapt, we must. 

Everyone needs to be flexible and adaptable to the changing landscape and be ready for our responses. Apart from being positive about changes, our skill sets need to elevate.

Evolve, we shall. 

Old ways of doing things will make us extinct like dinosaurs. Our way of doing things will need to evolve and we will need all the help we can from within and without. Technologies, methodologies, Skills will fit hand in gloves for the journey ahead.

Persist, we intend. 

The road ahead will be full of surprises and disappointments. Do be prepared and stay focused on our goals and be determined to carry on.

Together, we commit. 

Teamwork is going to be crucial moving forward. Every person in MSS or MTA needs to synergize and do your job well. We will also have to engage and enlighten the industry stakeholders more actively.

Survive, we will. 

We have been forewarned. Not doing anything will be like lying flat on the road waiting to be trampled on. We might not be the first mover. But we will have the benefit of hindsight to observe, learn and improve. We will be there when the fruit is ripe for the plucking. At the end of the day, at least we try.

May the New Year bring us closer together as we ride the wave of transformation!

James Soh

9th December 2022.

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