Meet Kirinath Subramaniam, Head of Operations- North West Cluster and Rubashini Rajan Maidu, Security Executive with Metropolis Security. More importantly, they are husband and wife, who met one another after they started working at Metropolis a few years ago. 🙂

This smiling and adorable couple share their personal journey, full of love, but with its fair share of tough challenges. Chief among them was a long period of separation when the two of them were stuck in two countries due to Covid-related restrictions. Through all this, Metropolis Security provided them with all the requisite support, be it in the form of long-term leave for Rubashini to take care of her pregnancy or absorbing costs of observing Stay-Home-Notice to enable Kirinath to spend time with his new born baby and support his wife.

Metropolis Security’s Recruitment Manager Katherine wanted to get an on-the-ground perspective of the daily functions and responsibilities of a security officer.

So, she visited Foresque, one of the several condominium sites in Singapore that Metropolis Security personnel are deployed at. She spoke with our Security Officer Jun Wai, who walked through the site with her, showing her the key tasks he and other security officers perform every day.

What is the difference between the responsibilities of a Security Officer and a Police Officer? Is being a Security Officer an easy job like some people perceive it to be? What do Security Officers typically do and equally importantly, what do they not do?

Chris, our Deputy Head of Operations- and a former Police Officer with the Singapore Police Force himself- answers these questions and more.

Quite a few misconceptions abound about security officers in Singapore. Musamin, who transitioned from working on the ground as a Security Officer to be a trainer with the Metropolis Training Academy and now helps others become security officers, lists some of the common ones before debunking these.

– It is a low level job

– They are paid to do nothing

– There are no progress or prospects in this job.

– It is a job more for people who are looking for retirement or for the elderly.

“Metropolis is not just a company I work in; it feels like home,” says Mr.Othman Bin Abdul Hai as he takes us through a journey of discovery, empowerment, transformation and working with a purpose. He recounts how the encouragement from peers and bosses to challenge himself enabled him to discover his passion for teaching and makes him committed to impact new security officers in their own journeys. “As my peers have empowered me to challenge myself, I too wish that in my training journey I could empower and impact new security officers in their own journeys,”

Listen to Mr.Mohd Rafi Bin Mohd Sani who made career switch to the security industry after 30+ years as a AV technician in the Events’ sector. He shares why he chose Metropolis Training Academy (MTA) for the requisite security training and the “amazing” experience he has had with the learning environment, the caring trainers, and the friendly and helpful administrative staff.

Workplace Learning (WpL) helps organisations establish a common purpose to grow competencies in staying relevant and competitive. In this series of Workplace Learning Journeys, Metropolis Security Systems Pte Ltd has developed a learning culture and a structured system that has led to staff retention and increased customer satisfaction, guided by NACE.