Video Analytics

Analytics are artificial intelligence-driven software that intelligently examine a video stream in order to improve operations. Depending on your needs, each analytic may be utilized in a variety of ways.

Zone Intrusion

To get alerted the intrusion and guard secure areas.

Line Crossing

To surveil sensitive and restricted areas.

Object Watch

To guard valuable assets.

Mask Detection

To ensure face masks are worn.

People Counting

To exhibit patterns and behaviors of staff and customers, such as peak hours.

Social Distancing

To monitor safe distancing between people.


To get notified when people stay in spots for too long.

License Plate Recognition

To check vehicles entering and leaving.

Object Classification

To identify goods, vehicles, and people

Object Left Behind

To detect unattended items

Gender & Age Detection

To get people demographic insights

Facial Recognition

To manage access to restricted areas.

Vehicle Direction

To identify when vehicles are moving against traffic.

Crowd Formation

To observe group sizes.

Minimum Staffing

To ensure minimum number of staff at service area.

Attendance Reporting

To monitor staff attendance.

Vehicle Count

To count number of vehicles entering and exiting areas.

Stopped Vehicles

Detect vehicles parked in no-parking zones or pathways.